Selling a home with mold problems

If your home has mold issues, then you should think twice before putting your property on the market. If you try to sell your home without having mold remediation completed by professionals, it’s likely you’ll lose out on any prospective buyers. Even if your home mold’s problem isn’t too obvious, it will be found during the home inspection.

Do I Have Mold?

You can complete a visual inspection of your home to check for signs of mold. One of the telltale signs is the musty smell that a moldy house has. Check the closets, bathrooms and behind the water heater. Look in any areas where moisture accumulates.

The Damaging Effects Of Mold

Mold colonies grow fast and can break down the structural elements of your house. The mold spores like a moist, warm climate like the attic, crawl space and basement. If mold has been allowed to spread over a long period of time, then you may have to make considerable repairs to support beams, window frames and flooring.

Mold Is Bad For Your Health

Having mold spores in the air is unhealthy and can cause cold-like symptoms. Black mold is particularly toxic and without mold remediation, it can cause serious illnesses. Asthma sufferers or anyone with a compromised immune system are particularly at risk for excessive fatigue, coughing, sneezing, headaches and rashes. Long-term exposure to black mold can cause anxiety, depression, insomnia and confusion.

Don’t Try To Hide It

If you know your home has a mold issue and you sell your home without disclosing this fact, then you may be in for a lawsuit. In some cases, the mold may not be obvious and the home inspector may miss it. If a buyer finds mold after the sales contract is signed, then they have the right to take you to court. Mold removal is a straightforward process that will give you peace of mind knowing you’ve got nothing to hide from buyers.

Contact our professional technicians for fast mold removal services. Your home will sell faster without the damaging presence of mold.