Prevent Mold Growth near doors

Did you know that mold growth can trigger asthma attacks? Mold often causes allergic reactions, such as throat and lung irritation, which can then result in an attack for asthma patients.

However, the effects of mold can be just as bad even if one doesn’t have asthma. They can harm your family and pets and damage the foundation of your home and possessions.

But how can you prevent mold from growing in your home? Or is it inevitable in every house? 

We’re here to fill you in. Keep reading our mold prevention guide below to learn the basics every homeowner should know.

Use Anti-Mold Products 

When it comes to mold prevention tips, it’s important to remember the importance of anti-mold products. If you live in a muggy climate, consider investing in a dehumidifier to strip your home’s air of excess moisture. 

Bathtubs, toilets, and sinks are rarely ever 100% dry, which makes them magnets for mold spores. Regularly clean these fixtures to prevent mold growth with cleaning products that combat mold.

Properly Manage Your HVAC Systems

Keep your heating and air conditioner systems clean, as mold can enter your home through the vents from outside. Air conditioners are particularly dangerous, so it’s important to master smart mold-prevention practices when cranking up the AC.

Be sure not to get an overly large air conditioner unit. When an AC unit is oversized, its humidity-removal performance is poorer. If you’re buying a new AC system, choose a model with an “enhanced moisture removal” operating mode option too.

It’s also prudent to keep your AC on “auto” rather than the default “on.” When it’s running on “on,” the unit will run continuously and the built-up condensation on the evaporator will be blown back into your home. This added condensation can create the ideal environment for mold growth.

Install and use fans over your kitchen stove and in your bathroom to get rid of humidity buildup too. However, be sure that the vents connected to the fans go all the way outside your home. If they cut off in your attic or a crawlspace, the damp air will just be recirculated back into your home.

Fix Water-Based Problems Quickly

If a leak occurs in your home, get it fixed ASAP. Pooling water can lead to rapid mold development. Remember that even tight windows are prone to condensation buildup, so keep an eye on them during rainy periods.

Be mindful of water usage outside your home too. Point any sprinklers or watering systems away from your home and use gutters to prevent rainwater from sloshing down the siding and causing water damage.

Discover How to Prevent Mold Growth

Mold can cause an array of problems for your family, pets, and house, so it’s important to take care of it ASAP. With the guide above, you’ll have no trouble learning how to prevent mold in your own home!

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