signs of water damage

Extreme weather events are happening more often in 2021. Is your home prepared to endure a major rainstorm, flood, or hurricane? Even if your property survives, you should always inspect it for signs of water damage.

Excess water and water damage pose health risks. Getting informed helps keep you and your family safe.

Read on to learn five clear signs of water damage in your home.

1. You See Dark Spots on Ceilings or Walls

When you look around, do you see discolored patches on the ceilings or walls? These dark spots are indicative of past or present water damage on walls.

If you can reach the area, then be gentle and press on it. Do they feel wet or moist? If so, then you may have a water leak somewhere. It’s best to look for the water source or call a professional in these situations.

2. You See or Smell Mold

Would you recognize the signs of mold in your home?

While most of us would say yes, statistics say otherwise.

Experts say about 70% of households have mold in them. The good news is that household mold is usually found at low levels. Mold spores grow in moist areas. If you see or smell mold, that means the area gets exposed to water often.

It’s also a sign that you could have water damage.

3. You See Pooling Water

Have you seen literal pools or puddles of water in your home? After cleaning up the mess, does it reappear later? If so, then take that as a sure sign that you have a leak and water damage.

If you see pools of water, then you should take extreme caution. Often, pools of water or water leaks can occur near electrical outlets. The last thing you need is to get shocked while attempting to clean up a puddle of water!

4. Flaking or Bubbling Paint

Another sure sign of water damage is flaking or bubbling paint. When old paint gets moist, it will eventually blister, bubble, flake, and peel. Be sure to inspect any area where you notice this is happening.

If the wall feels moist, then you could have a leak behind the wall.

5. Unexplained Electricity Bill Increases

Have you noticed that your electric bill has been on the rise? Have you taken steps to reduce your power usage, yet your bill keeps going up? That could be a sign of a water leak and water damage.

The EPA says water leaks waste about 1 trillion gallons of water every year in the US. One household can lose about 10,000 gallons a year. That amounts to about 180 showers and an electric bill increase of up to 10%.

Have You Seen These Signs of Water Damage?

Have you noticed the above signs of water damage in your home? Excess water and water damage aren’t only unsightly, they’re also dangerous. To avoid potential health risks, it’s important to address the problem ASAP.

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